Our Approach

Main Question – What are the main questions the client should be asking? Do our questions  address all of the Issues we’ve defined? Will the answers help the client make the Decisions we’ve outlined and feed into Success Measures for the business




  • What are the 3 or 4 key issues that the existing/potential Client is (or should be) wrestling with as far as business is concerned?
  • What key issues has the particular client stated as top priorities?
  • Using what we know about the client’s business, what other issues should the client address?


  • What areas of the client’s business are involved or affected?
  • What is our relationship and what do we know about them?
  • What can we do ahead of time to address these factors?
  • What should we ask the client to ensure all stakeholder needs are met?

Barriers to Action

  • What obstacles does the clients face?
  • Are there budget limitations?
  • Are there political factors that hinder action?
  • Are there micro/macro factors (social, economic, etc) in the public world that hinder the a client’s goals? How might we address these in our recommendations?


  • What actions does the particular client need to take in order to succeed?
  • Short-term – immediate decisions
  • Will we have full results in time? What can we have/use?
  • Long-term: What future decisions will be required?

Business Implications

  • Why is this important to their business?
  • Think about what matters to the client business and what’s in it for the business
  • How does this fit with the Company strategy?

Success Measures

  • What will success look like for the business? What measures are appropriate?
  • Are we clear on success measures?
  • (If project type has been defined): Can the current client’s KPIs measure this?

Our Value Proposition

Adding value to clients

“Right Solutions Right decisions”

  • Offer variety
  • Better experiences
  • Actionable insights
  • Technical expertise – track record of professional consultants
  • Academicians who teach at the Universities on latest techniques
  • Cross-sectional and multidisciplinary analyses and interpretation
  • Professionalism – members of professional associations; Marketing & Social Research Association (MSRA), Africa Market Research Association (AMRA) and KEPSA
  • Highly endorsed team on impactful projects that has changed peoples life’s and organizations