Why Solution Intel?


54 countries, over a billion people

RESET: The African business opportunity

  • The urge to customize & have relevant methodologies and applications that can WORK in Africa.
  • The urge to help and make it work for Businesses operating in Africa by using scientific data to guide and actualize strategic decisions especially Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

We use the YOUTH to understand the YOUTH


A consortium model application

Gives a client an opportunity to access;

  • Smart and capable experts in the industry
  • Tapped and consolidated local expertise under one umbrella
  • Long term and stronger business relationships

We use the YOUTH to understand the YOUTH

We do excellent work for our clients and partners

Approaching each client with an open mind

We help address clients’ pain  questions

  • Do the questions address all of client’s defined and outlined issues?
  • Will answers provided help the client make decisions as outlined and translate into Success Measures for the business?